Meet the Artist – Shanon Schneider

Shanon Schneider has had a long standing interest in all things artistic since her childhood. Initially a self taught artist from Syracuse, New York Shanon took several art electives during her college tenure at Potsdam University. She studied at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and continued to take art workshops following her relocation to Roswell Georgia in 2002. She opened Two Doors Art, a co-op art studio and gallery in 2007 with a group of local artists. With a transition in artists, Two Doors Art became Synergy Fine Art in 2009. Since the opening of her studio / gallery in Historic Roswell, Shanon has focused and refined her interests in colorful, impressionistic, and abstract landscapes, still lifes, and figures.

Shanon’s work is conceptualized without a tangible reference but rather from the interaction of paint on canvas and the evolution of emotion that occurs with the creative process. The abstract nature of her work is drawn from a desire to draw the viewer in, allowing an interpretive interaction with her work.

“Landscapes are a subject matter that especially connect with me as an artist, often capable of taking me as well as the viewer to a physical space of serenity and calm.”

Shanon currently owns and exhibits her work at Synergy Fine Art Gallery in Historic Roswell , Georgia. She has exhibited in art festivals in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Georgia. Her works are in private collections throughout the country.